Harry S. Kieval Transfer Scholarship

The Harry Kieval Transfer Scholarship is awarded to a Mathematics transfer student. Amounts and numbers of scholarships are estimates, dependent on funding.

Supplemental Questions
  1. 1. A list of all college-level mathematics courses taken. The list should be in chronological order and include semester, year, course name, course number, institution, instructor, and grade. Freshman applicants should list courses taken in their last two years of high school.
  2. 2. A list of any extracurricular math-related activities while in college or high school. This could include research or independent study, conferences or workshops attended, internships, tutoring, grading, contest participation, math club activity, etc. The list should be in chronological order and include date, location, name of activity, supervisor or advisor, and brief description of activity.
  3. 3. A short essay (no more than one page) describing why mathematics is important to you personally and why receiving a scholarship would be important.