Music Scholarships for Currently Enrolled HSU Students

Awarded to continuing Music majors. Recipients of Music Department Scholarships agree to participate fully in the music program, including playing, singing, or providing accompaniment in at least two regular department ensembles each semester, one of which will be determined by the faculty of the Music Department. Music Department scholarship recipients will remain a student in good academic standing throughout the year and make consistent progress toward graduation.

The Music Department Continuing Music Scholarship is funded through donations from several named scholarships as well as funding generated by the Music Department concerts. Named scholarships include: Allen Scholarship; Maxine & MacDougal Armstrong Music Student Endowed Scholarship; Bancroft Scholarship; Barlow Scholarship; Deborah Clasquin Memorial Scholarship; Fulkerson Family String and Keyboard Instrument Scholarship; Hannaford Memorial Scholarship; Humboldt Pipe Organ Scholarship; Carla Petersen Powell Voice Scholarship; Charles L. Moon Music Endowment; Robert & Mary Richards Memorial Fund; and the Albert and Mildred Van Duzer Scholarship. Amounts and numbers of scholarships are estimates, dependent on funding.

Supplemental Questions
  1. What is your option within the Music major?
  2. What is your primary instrument?
  3. Primary instrument if none specified above.
  4. What is/are your secondary instrument(s)?
  5. Secondary instrument if none specified above.
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